A Lincolnshire Story

Dear Mr. Neil Westerby,

I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you about the trip me and my daughter Rachael took to your MK Prom shop in Milton Keynes. We live in Skegness, and let me tell you, finding a decent prom dress around here is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So, when we found your shop online and saw all those lovely dresses, we thought, why not make a day of it and drive down?

Our journey took us through all these places we don’t usually see, from our little town through bigger ones like Nottingham and Leicester, and finally to Milton Keynes. It was quite an adventure for us, going from the coast all the way into Buckinghamshire.  Of course Rachael took videos for her instagram and tiktok!

Walking into MK Prom was like stepping into a different world. 

Your staff were so friendly and helpful, making us feel right at home. Rachael was over the moon with the dress selection. I mean, we knew you had nice dresses from the website, but seeing them in person was something else. She tried on a few and finally picked one that made her look like a million bucks.

What really made the trip worth it was how you guys handled everything. The dress needed a bit of tweaking here and there, and you offered to do those alterations for free. That was a nice touch and saved us a bit of worry and money, which always helps.

Seeing Rachael all dressed up and happy was the best part of it all. It’s not every day we take a trip like this, but it was definitely worth it for how special you made her feel. It’s not just about getting a dress … it was about the whole experience, from Skegness to Milton Keynes.

I’d tell anyone looking for a prom dress to check you out, no matter where they’re from. Your shop’s worth the trip, and then some. Thanks a bunch for making my daughter’s prom something she’ll always remember.


Sandy B.
Proud Skegness Mum!