A West Yorkshire Journey to MK Prom!

Dear Mr. Neil Westerby,

I hope you’re well. Just wanted to share our family’s journey from near Holmfirth in West Yorkshire, all the way to your MK Prom shop in Milton Keynes. Finding a quality prom dress around our area was proving impossible, so after spotting your collection online, we decided to make it a family road trip.

Our adventure took us from the scenic routes of West Yorkshire, through bustling cities and quiet towns, with my husband, our youngest daughter, and of course, the star of the show, our eldest, Emily, eagerly looking forward to reaching MK Prom. It was a day filled with laughs, a bit of singing, and a lot of anticipation.

Stepping into MK Prom was a highlight for Emily. The array of dresses took her breath away, and your staff’s warmth made us all feel welcomed. Emily found her dream dress, and the fact that you offered free alterations made our decision even easier. Watching her face light up as she tried on the dress was a moment we’ll treasure.

This trip wasn’t just about buying a dress; it was a memorable day out for our family, thanks to your exceptional service and the personal touch your team provided. It’s safe to say, the journey from West Yorkshire to Milton Keynes was well worth it.

We’ll be recommending MK Prom to everyone back home. Thank you for making Emily’s prom preparation so special.

Best wishes,

[Name withheld for privacy], Proud Family from West Yorkshire

Lovely Holmfirth in West Yorkshire, from where future prom queens travel to MK Prom in Milton Keynes!
Please note that in some cases, names and some locations have been changed to protect privacy of the client.