Dorset Duo Come to MK Prom!

Dear Mr. Neil Westerby,

I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to take a minute to tell you about our trip to your MK Prom shop in Milton Keynes. My name’s Lisa, and I’m from the biggest city in Dorset, Bournemouth. Me and my daughter, Ellie, we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect prom dress for ages, but couldn’t find anything that caught our eye down here.

So, we decided to take a little adventure up to Milton Keynes after seeing your stunning dresses online. We passed through some lovely places on our way – Salisbury with its gorgeous cathedral, the busy streets of Reading, and even had a quick stop in Oxford to stretch our legs. It was quite the journey from the south coast all the way to Buckinghamshire.

Walking into MK Prom was like finding treasure at the end of a rainbow. Your team welcomed us with open arms, and Ellie was just gobsmacked by all the beautiful dresses. It was like she’d walked into her own personal fairytale. She tried on a few, twirling around in each, but when she found ‘the one’, there was no turning back. She just lit up, and I knew that was it.

What really stood out to us was how down-to-earth and helpful everyone was. Getting the dress tweaked here and there for a perfect fit, and not having to worry about extra costs for alterations, was a real load off my shoulders. Money’s tight, and that kind of kindness means a lot to folks like us.

Seeing Ellie so happy and confident in her prom dress, well, it’s something I’ll be thanking you for a long time. It’s not just about finding a dress; it’s about the feeling she gets wearing it, and you all made her feel like a princess.

I’d recommend MK Prom to anyone, no matter where they’re from. Whether you’re coming from Bournemouth, cruising through Salisbury, or making your way from even further afield, it’s worth the trip. Thanks for making my Ellie’s prom dream come true.

All the best,