MK Monica at MK Prom

So, I’m Monica, right, and I’m from Milton Keynes.

Always thought I’d have to trek miles to find the perfect prom dress, but nah, MK Prom was just around the corner.

Before we went, I was proper nervous, not feeling too great about trying on dresses and all that. But the second we walked in, it was like all my worries just vanished. The staff made me feel so welcome, and the dresses were just stunning, especially this blue one I ended up choosing. It’s lush!

While I was there, trying on this amazing selection of dresses, I bumped into a few girls from all over. There was Ella from Birmingham, who was dead nice and had this wicked sense of style. Then, I met Sarah from Watford; she was looking for something unique and we had a laugh sharing fashion fails. And can you believe it, I even chatted with Lily, who’d come all the way from Dorset! It was like MK Prom was the place to be, pulling people from every corner of the country.

Ella, Sarah, Lily, and I ended up swapping stories about our search for the perfect dress. It was mad to think how we all ended up in the same spot, miles from home for some, just because MK Prom had that something special. Made me feel kinda proud to have such a gem in my hometown.

The whole day was a blast, from being a bit scared at first to feeling like a star in my blue dress. And meeting girls from Birmingham, Watford, and even Dorset, just added to the magic. Goes to show, doesn’t matter where you’re from, a great dress and a bit of kindness can make anyone’s day.

Cheers to MK Prom for making mine!

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